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B2B sales leaders from organizations of all sizes are improving sales productivity with Olono.

Customer Story

ScaleFactor Achieves High Growth with Olono


The biggest obstacle in sales execution is not knowing the true status of each customer in real-time, and the root cause is the antiquated approach of relying on sales reps to manually enter opportunity data into the CRM system. Instead of endless forecast calls, and chasing down reps for updates, the new approach is to eliminate the low-value steps altogether. Using Olono, reps get time back to add more strategic value to their customers, and sales leaders get pipeline visibility they can trust. Olono delivers a new way execute high growth.


Jeff Gleason – ScaleFactor


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Customer Story

SaaS Security Tools Company Identifies Pipeline Risk with Olono

Every sales opportunity has its share of risks. Getting ahead of them in time to adjust and respond is key.

Frustrated with end of quarter surprises, a security tools company deployed Olono to analyze it’s pipeline, identifying root cause analysis of previous quarter losses and applying the knowledge to determine and mitigate against future pipeline risks.


Countered risk by identifying multiple “pull forward” deals

Identified single-threaded deals were the most common risk indicator

Applied risk indicator to current quarter “commit” and associated 62 out of 145 deals at risk

Provided unprecedented visibility into the company’s pipeline movement, as well as individual leads, opportunities and accounts.

Embedded new actions for reps to mitigate against risk including: automating the addition of contacts into Salesforce; alerting reps and managers of key risk indicators.

Customer Story

IP Management Leader Increases Pipeline Velocity with Olono

When it comes to sales, data entry is rarely in the job description. But in practice, reps spend an average of five hours a week manually entering in data—that’s almost a full month of selling time each year—and yet, the data in most CRMs is out-of-date and incomplete.

For an analytics & IP management leader, the act of updating opportunities was placing a significant burden on its sales team and creating conflicts when other departments outside of sales, such as marketing, finance and support, interacted the customer.

The company deployed Olono to automate data entry into it’s Salesforce CRM and stitch together all sales and marketing investments—including Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Pardot, Microsoft email and calendars, LinkedIn, and more.


Increased sales and renewal process adoption.

Sales leaders and renewal team members now have a complete, single view of each opportunity.

Improved communications across the organization amongst the many employees and divisions that touch customer accounts.

Improved efficiencies with all opportunity related data automatically collected including contacts, contact roles, meetings, attachments and research

Customer Story

IT Management Provider Boosts Forecast Confidence

Quarter after quarter, a fast-growing IT systems management provider lacked trust in its Salesforce CRM data that was guiding its forecasts. The data was based predominantly on manual data entry by reps, and thus incomplete and out-of-date—meaning each quarter, sales management had to spend crucial time vetting the details and confirming guidance.

This lack of trust was creating a huge blindspot even beyond forecasting, impacting, sales strategies and the actions taken to move deals through the pipeline.

The company deployed Olono to its sales team, automatically aggregating data from all sales tools: email, calendars, RainKing,, Toutapp, LinkedIn & Hubspot.


Reduced data entry burden for reps

Ability to identify risks early and address

Improved confidence in deal forecasting

Single view of all activity with real-time understanding of opportunity cadence

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