Activity Capture

Visibility so complete you can pretend to be surprised

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80% of organizations have at least 10 disparate sales tools, all creating siloed data and acting independently.

—Dreamforce survey

Action Feed & Instant Actions

Easily take Actions across all opportunities to update key deal data from Olono interface in Salesforce or on-the-go using the Olono iOS mobile app. Beyond data hygiene, Instant Actions mean you can seamlessly update Opportunities in seconds, writing back to Salesforce to ensure accurate, complete records—and no more spreadsheets or last minute fire drills to track down information.

Activity Sync

Visit the Perfect Memory to view all key deal activity including auto-logged outbound and inbound emails, contact, meetings etc., as well as next steps, exit criteria and other required details that are unique to your sales process. Olono improves rep productivity and data quality to ensure pipeline health and deal progression.

Activity Inspection

Empower your sales team with complete visibility into every opportunity and account. Know key dates, contacts, last inbound and outbound touchpoints, future meetings, deal size—as well as historical changes. Easily view details from how long it’s been since your last meeting to missing contact roles to identify risk and advance deals.