Deal Intelligence

Visibility so complete you can pretend to be surprised

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80% of organizations have at least 10 disparate sales tools, all creating siloed data and acting independently.

—Dreamforce survey

Opportunity Timeline

Get a complete view of opportunity health by scrolling through a historical timeline of every account change or milestone, including deal size changes, close date changes, stage movement. every action and more.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Instantly view every detail relevant to the relationships you’ve worked tirelessly to build, then share reports and assign actions. With multiple people, sequences and tools involved in your sales process, keeping tabs on what’s happening every step along the way is critical to ensuring a positive customer experience.

Lead, Opportunity, Account Quick Views

Empower your sales team with complete visibility into every lead, opportunity and account. Know key dates, contacts, touchpoints, deal size and more—and easily see details from how long it’s been since your last meeting to missing contact roles.