Olono: The Intelligent Sales Assistant for Account Executives

We just left Dreamforce. 100,000+ people, hundreds of vendors. And session after session on top of funnel sales tools and strategies. Zero discussion around assisting high-value account execs. Yes, we said it. SDRs with headsets and 40-inch monitors making 75 calls a day have dozens of tools. Workflows, dialers, script coaching and more. And yet, AEs and AMs, those responsible for seven-figure, highly-complicated deals worked over many months with multiple players are neglected. As smart and savvy as they are, they need help too.  

That’s why we created Olono. Finally an intelligent sales assistant for high-value sales reps. Basically, it provides  “guided selling” for the most complex deals around.

Why is Olono different?

  • Olono is as easy to use as Uber. It’s built like a consumer app. Let’s face it, have you ever sat in training or attended a conference to master a ride sharing tool?
  • Olono personalizes recommendations as well as Amazon and Spotify. It understands your selling approach, your accounts, level of engagement and status. Then recommends content, tactics, suggestions and best practices in-the-moment, exactly when you need them.
  • Olono is a rep’s favorite teammate. It’s your “sidekick”, there to support you, not serve as another micromanaging “bludgeon and punish the reps” sales manager that is rolling up reports to create drama. It’s taking notes, covering the small details, making suggestions and working together with the rep to reach the same goal: Close.  
  • Olono gives reps flexibility where they work. It delivers Actions and Insights exactly where the rep lives. Desktop, web app, mobile, inside of Salesforce, conversationally with email, Slack, and soon even more.
  • Olono breaks the silos. It understands ALL the data, insights and activities, email, calendar, web business activity, phone, notes, expenses, help desk reports and more. It’s a rep’s perfect memory.  
  • Olono gives Managers visibility into what matters. It knows what’s working and what’s not, and makes it easy for managers to manage by exception at exactly the right time.
  • Olono gets smarter and smarter over time. It takes the habits and plays of the best reps and guides the rest of the organization to replicate results. Whether a rep is on Day 1 or Day 101, all reps benefit from the best practices that work.

Your Account Executives are smart, business savvy and eager to succeed. You hired them for a reason. Gave them million dollar quotas and the potential for massive commissions. And to date, they have fewer tools than the SDR that was hired right out of college.

Designed for Account Executives and Account Managers, Olono delivers guided selling steps that replicate winning and make it easy for AEs to engage across their entire pipeline—not just the deals that are closest to close. Using Olono, our customers reduce their Inactive pipeline by 90% and see on average a 50% improvement in activity levels for early stage deals. That’s a massive impact for many quarters to come.

“That’s why we created Olono. Finally an intelligent sales assistant for high-value sales reps. Basically, it provides “guided selling” for the most complex deals around.”