Your Mobile AI Sales Assistant

Access Olono at anytime, from anywhere. Update your CRM, take Actions, search all deal data and more with Olono right at your fingertips.

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Automated Actions

Reduce the burden of manual data entry and boost data accuracy by automatically capturing sales signals, taking action, finding hidden detail and recommending next steps.

Sales Process Adoption

Embed your chosen sales methodology (MEDDICC, Challenger, Miller Heiman, etc.) and deliver recommended next steps directly to reps—in the moment. Reinforce critical steps with contextual sales guidance and enablement material. Trigger actions based on your unique buyer’s journey or desired rep behavior.

Instantly Take Action From Anywhere

Advance opportunities, and ensure up to date account status by easily adding tasks, changing deal sizes, stages or categories, adding notes, sending emails or completing any custom field. Olono predicts and automates most entries.