Pipeline Management

Missed opportunities aren’t solved by forecasting tools. It all goes back to the original data. Accurate, comprehensive activity data drives better business decisions. 

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Real-Time Pipeline Insights

Improve forecasting accuracy and minimize time spent reporting with real-time, comprehensive views into your pipeline. No more complex spreadsheets or stale reports. Apply filters and watch metrics change in real-time. Then drill in on any opportunity, region, rep, industry, or metric such as number of pushes, or days since your last meeting.

Risk Analysis

Instantly detect changes, exceptions and risk factors throughout the sales process in time to impact results. Easily identify “at risk”, “pull-forward candidates” and “likely-to-stall” deals, then see the recommended actions to improve pipeline velocity.

Time Series Visualizations

Understand pipeline movement over time with a time-series view. Use natural language search to analyze based on any filter.

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