Olono for Sales Operations & Enablement

You’ve invested in a robust sales stack and processes. Olono ensures reps are actually using it—the right way.

Easily create multiple playbooks to match your custom processes.
Get access to a birds eye view of the amount of time spent in each play. Watch the change over the last 30 days.
Quickly add additional actions to a play.

Drive process adoption

Whether MEDDIC, Miller Heiman or a custom design, embed your sales process directly into Olono and give your reps daily feeds with recommended, and sometimes automated actions. No more information forgotten hours after training. Deliver the guidance in context, so reps can act.

Improve sales stack evaluation

Get a single view of all your sales data, from all the sales stack tools and materials you’ve deployed. Know what is being used, what positively impacts deals and even what may cause a stall.

Turn on your action at anytime
Double check your setup by running a test to see if the action will fire
Preview exactly how your action will look in the rep’s feed
Setup your company’s integrations in minutes
Let all your reps, managers and more connect directly to Salesforce

Deliver value in a quarter

Up and running in minutes, not days, weeks or months like many of the tools on your roadmap. That means, Olono can start boosting sales production in quarter one.

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