Olono for Sales Managers

Never be surprised about a missed quarter again. Olono analyzes every detail related to an opportunity, making it easy to understand what’s there, what’s missing, and what actions will increase pipeline velocity.

Get real-time deal intelligence

How often do you reach the end of a quarter and find out at the last minute deals your team assured you were going to close, instead slipped, or even worse, closed as a Loss? In real-time, understand deals at risk, patterns of risk, potential pipeline stall and more.

Improve forecasting accuracy

Improve confidence in the data that guides your forecasts. Stop relying on sales reps to be data entry clerks. Instead get instant access and analysis of every detail related to a prospect, so you easily know in real-time if a deal and forecast are on track.

Goodbye pipeline meetings, hello coaching moments

This means no more pipeline review meetings spent as interrogations. Instead sessions become valuable strategy discussions with true coaching moments. It’s a complete shift, eliminating one of the biggest pain points reps and managers face.

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