Olono for Sales Reps

Ever wish you had a personal assistant? A co-pilot? Olono is your personal sidekick, helping you stay on top of all the details, so you can focus on building relationships and trust.

Next Best Actions

Just like your GPS guides you to your destination, Olono serves up a personalized feed of Actions prioritized by what will make the biggest impact. Know exactly which steps will help you reach quota the fastest.

Spend time with prospects, not your CRM

Automate menial tasks with one-click. Create contacts, define contact opportunity roles, update close dates and ease all the other tedious, yet important data updates.

Find hidden information

Time is the enemy of all sales. So why do so many CRM actions require it? Olono gives it back with a single screen to search for any detail related to your opportunity.

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No More Surprises


Deep Visibility



A clear process


Quota attainment

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