ScaleFactor Achieves High Growth with Olono


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Eliminate repetitive tasks and transform sales operations from reactive to proactive.


+ Increased Rep Productivity

+ Increased Pipeline Velocity & Reduced Risk

+ Real-Time Deal Coaching

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ScaleFactor Achieves High Growth with Olono

The Challenge

Like many fast-growing B2B sales organizations, ScaleFactor relied on reps to do manual data entry of sales data into the CRM system, resulting in incomplete and out-of-date pipeline visibility. Beyond the wasted rep time to do manual data entry, sales managers also wasted cycles rechecking deal status and re-vetting forecasts, instead of leading the execution of growth strategies.

ScaleFactor knows first-hand how machine-learning transforms its customers’ accounting processes and wanted to apply this technology across their own sales organization—using A.I. and automation to eliminate time-consuming activities such as CRM data entry while gaining deeper visibility into pipeline activity, risks and sales effectiveness.

The Solution

ScaleFactor selected Olono Sales Activity Automation to automate data entry into its Salesforce CRM and stitch together its sales and marketing data—including key contacts, emails, meetings, documents, roles and other activity information from across its CRM, Google mail and calendar applications.

  • Improved sales rep productivity

  • Single view of all activity with real-time understanding of opportunity cadence

  • Improved deal coaching and strategy

  • More complete accurate Salesforce data

Work where reps want to work

A SaaS solution that integrates with more than 70 frequently-used sales technologies, Olono was deployed in hours and rolled out to ScaleFactor’s complete sales team. Reps access Olono via a tab in Salesforce or on mobile, where they are greeted with a personalized experience that includes recommended Actions for their accounts.

Most effective path from opportunity to close

With Olono, reps can quickly advance deals towards the close by completing Actions across multiple accounts from a single interface. Using A.I. and machine learning, Olono often predicts and automatically completes the action on the rep’s behalf. As a result, ScaleFactor’s CRM instance is now more accurate than ever giving sales managers complete visibility into the status of all opportunities, without having to track down reps.

Real-Time Reporting

Olono’s ability to create and customize reports on demand gives Gleason and ScaleFactor’s sales managers immediate insight into activity cadence by rep and account. With a single view, managers can see when activity is occurring as well as gaps and key risk indicators. ScaleFactor’s most frequently used reports include: “Meetings scheduled for Opportunities forecasted to close in 30 days” and “Opportunities forecasted to close this week”.

case study

ScaleFactor Achieves High Growth with Olono

Increased Rep Productivity

By reducing the manual data entry burden, reps have more time to actively engage with prospects and sell.

Increase Pipeline Velocity & Reduce Risk

Complete pipeline visibility gives managers insight into sales activity to ensure process adoption.

Real-Time Deal Coaching

By removing the tedious tasks, managers have more time and insight to help guide reps to the close.