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Olono Actions™

Why wait? Get started with intelligent Next Best Actions today. Boost CRM adoption and sales process adoption quickly. 

Intelligent, Process-Aware Next Best Actions

Sales Ops

Ensure every deal in your company’s CRM accurately reflects the engagement status, in real-time.

Sales Reps

Automate the collection of sales activity from 70+ sales tools.

Sales Leaders

Get the insight you need to make strategic decisions without requiring time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

Olono Actions™

Action Feed

Automate data entry and activity sync to ensure accurate and comprehensive data you can trust.


Olono Actions™

Account Intelligence

Ensure a complete view of opportunity/account health from multiple data sources, presented in a single screen.


Olono Actions™


Get instant access to all customer-related information, spread across your company.


Olono Actions™

Take action from anywhere

Available as a tab in Salesforce, a standalone app or a mobile app, Olono can be deployed in minutes, with simple one-click integrations to email applications, calendars, browser data and other tools used by sales teams. No training is required, meaning sales teams can begin seeing value immediately.